Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I started a podcast with a friend of mine.

The name of this podcast is the Fullthrottlelazy podcast, named after the band me and him occasionally play about with, in turn named after a song by the third greatest punk band of all time (after Hickey and Old Skull) Fancy Pants and the Cellphones.


World/Inferno Friendship Society - I Am Sick of People Being Sick of My Shit
The Credentials - Energy Drinks for the Brokenhearted
Twat Sauce - Can’t Keep It Up
Star Fucking Hipsters - Ana Ng
Criaturas - Mentiras
The Slow Death - Opposite of Jesse’s Girl
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads - Shoulda Listen (to Mommah)
Girl in a Coma - Hope
The Gateway District - New Hands
Wiccans - Disorder
Empire Builder - justputRUSHonandwaitforthedrugstokickin
Night Birds - Born of Man and Woman
Burmese - Tim Jurg Gou Si Da Fei Gay
Crusades - Accomplice
Ramshackle Glory - Vampires are Poseurs (Song for the Living)
Brain F≠ - Seawall, See
Mischief Brew - A Lawless World
The Reaganomics - Ed Hardy
Big Business - Guns



  1. This podcast is amazing! Do you think you could reupload your mixes to a different website? Megaupload was shut down and I would love to listen to them !!

    1. Cheers. I've been meaning to get round to reupping the mixes. Hopefully I'll manage it this week.