Monday, 20 February 2012

The Fullthrottlelazy Podcast Episode #2

One hour of punk rock interspersed with incompetence and mutually antagonistic conversation about the Berlin wall, Motorhead, Kreayshawn's relationship to punk rock, awkward interactions with members of bands and other fun things to make the brain grow. Tracklisting after the break.


Wonk Unit - Guts
Stun Guns - Sensurround
Snuggle - Just Another Party
Supersuckers - Fisticuffs
Blitzkid - Nosferatu
High Tension Wires - Hallowed Ground
Crude - Human Feelings
Mojo Nixon - Let's Go Burn Ol' Nashville Down
KARP - Get No Toys (When You Pay the Money)
Vacation Bible School - Song to Kill Yourself To
The Trashwomen - I'm Dangerous
Dead to Me - Ran That Scam
Tragatelo - Tragatelo
Toy Dolls - Sod the Neighbours
The Orphans - The Government Stole My Germs CD
Fight Like Apes - Lend Me Your Face
Mach Pelican - Born to Delivery
Big Boys - We Got Your Money

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