Monday, 27 February 2012

The Fullthrottlelazy Podcast Episode #3

Discussion topics this week include: bands named after cereal and diseases, the cultural significance of football chants, Russian literature and we declare war on steampunk. With Cock Sparrer, Kriegshög, Ambition Mission and more.


Tracklisting after the break.

Motörhead - Black Leather Jacket
Oblivion - Ellen McCarthy
Margaret Thrasher - Fuck Your Face
Amebix - Gods of the Grain
Copyrights - Grown Folks Business
Armitage Shanks - Ambulance
Thug Murder - Brand New, I Feel
Apocalypse Hoboken - I’m at Least Eight Things
OBN IIIs - New Innocence
Great Cynics - Not Saying Sorry
Гражданская Оборона - Суицид
Hickey - Hickey is About Long Hair and Getting High
Ambition Mission - La La La
The Hold Steady - Swish
Pagans - What’s This Shit Called Love?
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha
Cock Sparrer - Take ‘Em All
Kriegshög - Burn

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  1. This is great, but could you put this on the iTunes podcast directory? Downloading the individual files from a web browser and importing them into iTunes is kind of a pain.