Friday, 28 December 2012

Ilegal - El Aire Libre Fuera De Los Dientes Del Monstruo Tirano Y Canibal

Clattering mid-80s-influenced hispanophone punk rock. El Aire Libre Fuera De Los Dientes Del Monstruo Tirano Y Canibal roughly translates The Air Outside of the Teeth of Mostrous Tyrant Cannibal, which gives some hint at the anger and minatory brilliance of this record. Socio-political hardcore that squeals and writhes with a potent restlessness, urging ever onwards. It slows to grinds and trudges on Emigrando before building up into a furious Criaturas-style wailing guitar solo. It hits with straight-up burn on Intentalo. It explodes with stop-start machine-drums on Sin Alternativas. Hermoso Lugar constructs a mini-epic of planetary destruction starting that punctuates its hardcore attacks with unsettling spiky fills and  builds everything on that twin menace of the relentless drums and the guitars stretching, aching with threat and danger, twisting into nasty squalls of noise. Planeta Muerto flames itself out into a plateau of grumbling feedback and then bursts back in with some terse White Lung-style guitars and rumbling crusty bass. Ilegal are a Canadian band, they sing in Spanish, recorded this in French-Canada and Germany, released it on a British label, pitch-perfect global hardcore ready to burn the world with petrolbomb riffs and liberated cannon drums, anarcho without the cartoon, capable of anything. Autodestructivos ends the album, documenting the self-destruction of individuals burnt by the struggle, crushed by the shit, without moralising or glorifying, over the same peak-and-trough punk thrum that the whole album is built on, fading out then storming back in, speeding up to a furious thrash then crashing into a mid-tempo buzz before rolling out into a slow empty fade-to-black.

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