Thursday, 27 December 2012

Displague - Displague

It's a band called Displague. I do like the way 'dis' bands have begun to exhaust that prefix in terms of actually badass sounding fuck-you punk words and now just clank it onto any appropriately violent apocalyptic morpheme they can find, DISPLAGUE! DISHAMMER! DISGOD! DISFUSE! Displague come from Spain offer a classic big-ass neocrust barrage following on from the likes of similar soaring Spanish rippers Derrota and Ekkaia. Bass like tree trunks, d-beat flurries, this sears and crushes like a motherfucker on straight hang-on-tight-don't-look-down sky-stormers like Mort and Marionetas, but then also has the doomierneocrust breaks on the likes of Complejo de Inferioridad and La Obediencia al Consumo where it drops down into the murk and sewer stagger to really revel in the hateful gloomy atmosphere before it screams back into that armageddon thrash, pouring vasts acres of burn and tempest into the huge sour punk rumble of crust band in full fucking throttle, bass to open tombs, guitars that eat bricks and laugh, drumbeats that tear like steroid hearts.

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