Monday, 3 December 2012

Zyanose - Insane Noise Raid

14 minutes of meticulous clattering noise. Not quite as harsh as D-Clone, but harsher than almost everything else. Drawing from Confuse's heaviest moments, or a less rigidly structured Contrast Attitude, three-piece Zyanose (drums, bass and noise-bass) construct a clanky crunching rumble of crasher-crust noise-punk vice blast. Framed mainly around songs devoted to the seven deadly sins, this album apparently took three years to record and was rerecorded several times. Albums like this, music devoted in its aesthetic to ripping apart all conventional musical pursuits in its tumble and grunt, so often gets dismissed on the basis that anyone can make a fucking racket, and it's true, anyone can, and that's part of the glory of punk and noise and all those simple genres beholden more to attitude than to virtuosity, but information like that, about the construction of the music, shows the artistry behind a piece of raging crust dissonance. They wanted it like this. EXACTLY like this. From the thick bassline that dominates Gluttony, holding fast against the noise and screams, to the way Envy swirls with ghost-feedback before thrashing into a blast of demented anger and then fading back down into that murk, to the end of the album when all this cacophony runs itself down into a soft simple buzz-bass-riff that drifts awaylike a beast into the night with the noise still chirruping about it, this album could not be done any other way. The red and white messy chaotic liner notes, bustling with about five differnt logos and a load of skulls, give the lyrics, seven of the nine tracks focusing on a particular sin, laying it down to its bare bones in each crashing blast. Greed: Debriseaaghrr!!!!/End of polution by side of you/Parasite! Wrath: Government control/Keep myself/Answer in chaos. Those are those songs in their entirety, and that's all you need to rip the human mess to shreds, with the noise of the noise-bass, the blaring of the... INSANE! INSANE NOISE RAID!

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