Saturday, 29 December 2012

Anasazi - s/t 7"

Shivers of the gothpunk ache of T.N.T.'s - Manifesto Guernika, punk laced with dark, unsettling, sweeping sounds, that gets weirder and dronier over the course of these three songs. Starting with a clear sharp punk slice on Bone Collector that cuts like an early Damned slasher, running into the spacey intro of Samsara which, when the song begins earnest that has that taut rising menace of Killing Joke struggling in the blowy surf and wind clamour of a Frankenchrist soundscape. The final track, Loving You, stretches all those things further, the drone, the threat, portentous black choral whoa-ohs, ghostnoise, urban decay gauntness with weirdo intonations like dark prayers, hollow laughter. Anasazi: a convincing post-punk evil.

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