Monday, 31 December 2012

Cobra - Tokyo Boicott

OI! OI! Motherfucker! Oi! I dunno know what to say about this beyond: it's an Oi! album. Snotty slurred streetpunk vocals than go into titanic shoutalong choruses that crash down upon you like a quiver of fury rolling through a crowd, chug-a-lug pubrock riffs, Oi!-based puns, everything a good Oi! album should have. It's even got a couple chill moments, in the manner of Cock Sparrer's Out On an Island, like the whistling on Get On The Ship. The music you sing with your friends as you all peg it down alleyways as the cops show up to the rumble. A band that have been going for 30 years and 12 albums and still have songs called Teenage Riot.

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