Wednesday, 19 December 2012

God Equals Genocide - Rattled Minds

God Equals Genocide is the sort of name that brings to mind huge crushing crust riffs and epic throaty denunciations of organised religions, so it hits a little oddly when the first song is a buzzy indie-punk thud. Scraggly-thin punk that is sometimes catchy and playful power-pop, sometimes half-country rockabilly bounce, sometimes angry sludgey sometimes urgent thrashy nonsense, but tied together by the sense of amateurish region-rock joy, slappy drums and shouty strained male/female vocals that cut between bark and bite, buzzy chaotic guitars, sweet ooh-oohs and aah-aahs washing up in the background now and then, boop-boop guitar snaps. This scratchy freeing punk rock, stripped down to its pure jubilant unfettered bedroom heart, like Punkin Pie or The Grumpies or the Stun Guns but never specifically sounding like those bands for more than a few brief whispers. It's the kick of countless drunken Saturday-waste three-friends-and-ten-strings nothing-projects that just shook up one garage or basement and got no further, but struggling out into the world this time with that pull and sloppy fuck-you interplay, tightened ever so slightly from the It Wasn't Made For Us 7" but still gutter-gleaming and smiling with that scramblehead punk punch. This is the sound of a couple of people making a sound, making their sound, skittering and angry and fresh, and it's fucking great.

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