Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mean Bikini - demo

Meeean Bikini do loppy, occasionally new-wavey riot grrl garage-punk. Simple lively pop songs leant menace and posture by the clang and and clatter of the guitar, the thick burbly bass and vocals that yelp and drawl with grinning attitude. The Pleasure Seekers' What a Way to Die run through the sweet crash-pop of FIDLAR or the gonzo-synthpunk of Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds. Bed Bugs itches with surf energy, Sick of Love is all angry disdain and a simple insistent guitar line, and the final song, Johnny Bananas, begins with a Barbed Wire Love-style ragtag take on Chordette-ian girl group vocals that sticks slurringly with that Poni-Tails shiver just long enough to trick you that they're going to leave you on a chillout number before a 1-2-3-4 yelp that throws the song into a  jumping into punk that speeds up and builds into the craziest most chaotic song they've got, snarling itself apart from within and even getting furious enough  that while writing this review I let the demo play out on my computer and it jumped into Dishammer without seeming like a million-mile leap. I first listened to them after seeing them support Theee Bat, and any band that can stick in the mind when they're supporting those biker-punk nutcases is impressive, and my favourite song they played live, Can't Play Guitar, isn't even on this, so I'm excited for whatever comes next.

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