Monday, 31 December 2012

Mind Spiders - Meltdown

The Mind Spiders totally nail that trick Jay Reatard perfected on songs like You Mean Nothing To Me of adding a spacey screwball quiver and quake to some infectious power-pop, so yeah the song sparkles and dances like a Tranzmitors number but it also needles at you with an uncomfortable morose edge. Adding bits of new wave whatevers to the particular punk style he perfected with The Marked Men, Mark Ryan makes an album which can pick you up and have you dancing on pop-punk like Play You Out, sweep over you with some whisper-synth blues on More Than You, combining those two sensations on stuff like Wait For Us where the Dirtnap punk runs its wiry game and the keyboards warble and wail in the background as the song rises and degrades, losing structural integrity as it tries to escape its earthbound despondent parts, before slipping into the uncomfortable drone, nag, and noise of the title track closer's pop take on an Exithippies abrasion ambience futurefuck.

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