Wednesday, 26 December 2012

People - Ausentic Oral Communication

Starting with a bassline that sounds like the soundtrack of a cartoon about a mischievous cat, while weirdo barely-human distorted vocals start to echo in the background which sets the tone for the album, playful but noisy, simple but unhinged, fun. Rock and roll songs so basic Billy Childish would be proud of them, but with an extra hit of Chaos Destroy-noise, for these '77 stumblers to bounce and slice about in. Strained drunken rants for vocals, fried and flattened Todd Pot sneers packed with pukebits of despair and sloppy halfway-too-fucked-to-care anguish, over idiot basslines that refuse to leave your head, nihilistic noise-fuzz and stabbing riffs that pucker up with the of broken-down pop of rockabilly scum. Grimy and nauseating, noise-punk at its most basic, stupid and catchy. (I didn't post the song on this page because the only one I could find on youtube had a big ol' swastika as the video. Punk rock! Still on that inexcusably dumb fucking shitbag moron trip. What twats.)

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