Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Permaculture - Swallow What You're Given

Permaculture come out with 4 tracks of instant-classic female-fronted anarcho. It has that classic clear peace-punk delivery where the message will not be compromised and never, where the sung-spoken ire lays out the darkness and anger before building into fierce glam whoops and outraged yelps, which puts it firmly in a line of awesome angry-smart bands whose politics stood front-and-centre like a bandana'd black-bloccer smirkin' under the skulls and livin' Tahrir-KentState refractions mirrored in the unlife-blank masks of riot cop ranks from Poison Girls through A.P.P.L.E. and Whorehouse of Representatives to Surrender. Musically it's kinda it's own thing though, speedy and crunchy at times, slashing, underpinned my lovely bass melodies, but unafraid to slow things down into an intense sparse post-punk wander, cutting out at one point on Blindfolded for a swell of noise, starting Fear & Contempt with the intense-build of ominous horizons, Beg For More with a manic martial energy and spacey spirit-tracks.

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