Saturday, 22 December 2012

Puffy Areolas - 1982: Dishonourable Discharge

Despite the presence of both the words '1982' and 'discharge', this is not another album of straight UK82 worship, instead its a meatier, more unsettling piece of work. It starts with 1982, a straight hardcore-punk number, that lasts about a minute forty that barely holds itself together for that brief length under the attack of a psychey freakout that threatens to suck the song into its swirling vortex throughout. The song succumbs to that weird noise and it's that struggle which defines the album, the repetitive rock rumble of Not Tonight that just wants to boogie down with some simple rock numbers but keep having to fight with this ugly void of noise and psych-oddness that wants to consume the straight-up straight-down Stooges-rock in the drowning pull of its manic squawk and wonder. Weirdpunk garage freakouts, protopunk succumbing to the hateblasted deathscream of chomping jazznoise, staggering in its ungodly threat and magnitude. Rudimentary Peni sings MC5, psychotically dismember the jams. It's an album for shakin' your stuff and then crying in the corner as the trip kicks in and faces around you start to melt and wail with the warm red devil-eye flutter of the unfamiliar clublights.

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