Monday, 3 December 2012

Pusrad - Akta Dig/Smarttrams

Koro's 700 Club EP is one of the truly great 80s hardcore releases, however it does seem that it was sped-up in post-production, tarnishing the myth of this insane teenage-speed hardcore just a little bit. Pusrad are just as fast as Koro and even more intensely brief, releasing Smarttrams, which cuts through 7 tracks in 2:41, and Akta Dig, which is even more monomaniacal in its pursuit of brevity and pace, taking 75 seconds to blow through its 5 songs.

Just as D-Clone are pushing the noise of hardcore as far as they can take it, Pusrad are taking the second element of the genre's twin-gods in speed and attacking it with furious fucking insolence. These songs are buzzy mosquito pops, decurtate fastpunk finger-snaps, more melodic than powerviolence but just as furious. Now I just hope this doesn't come out that someone sped it up in the studio. These wounds don't need reopening.

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