Saturday, 29 December 2012

Red Dons - Ausländer

On the title track Red Dons strike on of those sweet punk rhythms that can keep a song chugging for what feels like forever (well, like five minutes, that's forever in a punk context) without losing any of its insistent struggle and nerve, like Adolescents' Kids of the Black Hole, Screeching Weasel's Edge of World, Jim Carroll's People Who Died or New Bomb Turks' Bad for Me. Ausländer, and to a lesser extent the b-side, are the sort of anthemic/melodic rise-and-fall punk hypnotics that have you playing them like fifteen times in a row as they dig right into the hurt and click of your bones until the end of the song feels like a miniature cataclysm and you've just got to hit it again, a leavin' home road-weary yearning played out with punk barbs, Cock Sparrer-wistful tinges, the sweep and size of a smoothed-down Manix singalong.

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