Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sad Boys - Eat Shit

This is so much fun. Brief pogo-punk ditties with screechy female vocals, like The Grumpies meet The Disclapties. 12 songs, 13 and a half minutes. I have no fucking clue what any of these songs are about, but there is a song called Violent Violence, another call Crucidix. Pure obnoxion and it's all so bouncy and fun, the pop of the drums and the clamor of noise, the goofy-sweet almost Jughead-style simple guitar lines on songs like Frolic!, songs that begin with an intense squeal of feedback and glass being smashed as if it was a fucking leitmotif, the high-pitched squawk of the vocals snapping at everything through the noise and muddle. With this, the new Vaginors 7" and the inexorable glue-addled rise of Who Killed Spikey Jacket? there seems to be a minor-resurgence in that sort of dumb-as-fuck funpunk alley-dance-party Tom and Boot Boys shit, where the babble and spit of broken twitch-close arseholes kicks over the po-faced goodperson pronouncements of stale hippie shit and run away giggling.

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