Monday, 3 December 2012

Slang - Glory Outshines Doom

Slang do not do small. Their last studio-album emerging denominated with the hard-faced confrontation of a title that was LIFE MADE ME HARDCORE, daring a disagreement on that particular point, their live album they released since then was called WORLD PEACE QUESTION NOW!?, and now the awesomely declarative GLORY OUTSHINES DOOM, a huge crashing metalpunk crust attack with a shining skeletal angel emblazoned on its cover, living up to every inch of its bluster and pose with the brutality and exacting power of the sound. This is a big fucking record, the only thing that gets close this year is the new Tragedy. It's full of colossal chugging riffs, gravel-ripped vocals and chastening burning-spirit solos.

There's not much let up, a few seconds of bass-murmur at the end of 十二月ノ業~Happy Birthday to You~, the minute long sludge-kicker of 白昼夢 where the guitar-wail builds over the slime before throwing you straight back into another bloodfuck kick-to-the-back-of-the-head that is 焼却炉, the short acoustic interlude of もの言わぬ本 that shivers with threat because you know what's coming is just going to open up holes in the ground like mighty fucking earthworks. The gargantuan rolling sound plunges onwards, screaming upwards almost into noise on the peaks of 黒煙の輪郭, this album is a crushing salt-the-earth screed of leviathan bombast and colossal sonic spaces, Unicron-hunger and godless exaltation. It will stomp you down like and raise you up on its hardcore-punk thrash-monster wings. GLORY OUTSHINES DOOM, motherfucker. It's glorious.

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