Monday, 31 December 2012

Swearin' - Swearin'

Gritty pop-punk with sweet indie crunch. Spinning and slipping on the borderline between those sort of punkish indie-poppers like Superchunk and the folk-infused punk spit of the likes of The Motorcycle Industry or Mary Prankster, but with a bit more thickness to the sound than the spindly licks of those bands, with the rattle of the guitar and rhythm threatening to bury the vocals sometimes. Swearin' provide some chilled-out songs like Empty Head that obviously bring to mind the crackle-folk of fellow post-PS Eliot music Waxahatchee, then there's something like Divine Mimosa where that mournfulness struggles with the dirty burble of the bass. These slower quieter songs are diverting counterpoints to the sandpaper-pop runarounds that make this record really steam. The catchy punk explosions of Crashing, Kill Em With Kindness and Here to Hear that stamp their feet and blow through you like returning fragments of blackout memory, and the beautiful Movie Star which closes the album, with its rolling mid-tempo indie-punk and the drop-outs which take the album down to its most melancholic mutterings before driving up into the noise.

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