Monday, 3 December 2012

The Legs - AAAA the New Memphis Legs

Recorded in 2000 but unreleased until now, The Legs were a brief garage-punk project from Eric Friedl of the eternal Oblivians, Forrest Hewes of Neckbones and James Arthur. It's frighteningly basic stuff. Drunk incompetence, needle-poppin'-and-a-shiverin'-out-of-the-red blown-out recordings, songs as subtle as a prison riot, simple as a faceplant. Degenerate swagger and Suttree noise, fighting and loving and shaking something, wasted and worthless in a dive-bar where the walls are held together by the filth and the floor is stained with mud and bodily excretions, with no fucks given for a heat beyond this sticky hole. The animal bends of Been Kinda Lost, the bluesy dumbass stomp of Bill Dakota Knows, the solo on Doin' It Too Hard which flails about nastily and then locks back into the main riff before shaking itself loose again, this record is just good-time idiot rock-and-roll, loud and half-cut, wandering lost in the backwoods and then distorted into a crunching death-kick and ready to tear itself, and any nearby onlookers, dancers or foolish admirers apart with its dirty barfight energy.

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