Wednesday, 12 December 2012

White Lung - Sorry

A post-punk sheen attached firmly to the ugly heart of a punk rock wail. White Lung occasionally recalls Fucked Up in their ability to match clattering hardcore intensity with a sweeping evocation of bright light, though this is poured into shorter faster snappier moments. It's all second-person violence, kicks to the face, beatdowns and accusations thrown through sneers and snarls, Gateway-District interplays. This album is packed with those sort of razor lines that flutter and cut indiscriminately, that could take someone apart but its uncertain who. Rooted in the cheap uppers of gutterpunk lives, drawing active evocations and uncomfortable truths. "We’re just the same stupid lie and its you" I Rot howls before it blasts out in a thundering tilt at noise. "Cause I know that you are okay until you're not anymore," The Bad Way aches. Glue intones the line "Blue boney eyes" like a threat. This album is a breakneck goading, a shimmering punk blitz, a sparkler writing swearwords and provocations on the night and screaming through like Legal Weapon songs sped-up until they cracked and revealed their gleaming insides.

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