Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wiccans - Field II

Cutting seamlessly between powerful hardcore and run-you-down garage-punk, Wiccans second album keeps you guessing. One second it'll you'll be snarling in that sort of bodily neanderthal regression caught-up in the chugging threat of a hardcore song and the next the song will have shifted into a tight Marked-Men  up-and-at-them poppy punk number, all tied together by those thick meaty vocals. It reminds me slightly in its fluctuations of I Farm's pop-punk/hardcore indecision, but the switches between the styles are handled in a much smoother manner. Just one song, Panthers in Wonder, runs from squirrelly noise and a Boys powerpop air into lo-fi Carbonas punk spikes fading and slowing into a weird ambient drone complete with unsettling spacey reverberations, before crashing back into a big mean fuck-you hardcore drawl, and then running out on relentless drums that go on for just a second too long for things to feel normal. That's just one song, and all the songs on the album have that restless urgency to them, rising and falling, slowing down into depressing stutters, speeding up again into squealing torrents of DRI/crossover guitar shredding, finding mid-tempo grooves to work and pick at for a little while before jumping off again and sprinting back into the noise or finding Jay Reatard synth-pop rhythms to cling to and nutty jazz-drum solos to ache with for 45 seconds or so on Psychic Mirrors, ending with its ultimate statement, the seven-minute long title track which vacillates between hard-rock and angry weird noise, then throws the two together and adds some folky acoustic strumming somewhere underneath, in a psyche-y stoner freakout that winds down into a spooky whisper that slides off into the background noise and darkness.

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