Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Globsters - Rock and Roll Misery

The intro track is just dancing fiddles, like this is gonna be a Neck or DKM album or something, but nah, this is way deeper weirder shit, and the way the noise rises like a rocket rumble at the end sets the scene for this glorious burst of freeing punk attitude, bouncing from a fuzzy poppy garage-punk thrum to a powerviolence killer and back again. This is a fantastic from a BTMI!-style one man + band where Adam Brewer drags in whoever he can into this little punk universe, making a statement of intent by not intending to make statements, just thrashing in whichever way he feels like on a particular day, screaming with bedlam anguish on Rock and Roll Misery, sneering goofily on Roll You Up and Smoke You, warbling through badtape distortion on Ultimate Beefcake, obliterating the subgenre borderlines, bringing it all together in one melting pot of punk, noise and United Mutation chaos, buzz and song, flail and threat, dirt and Ramones.

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