Friday, 4 January 2013

Bloody Hammer - Bloody Hammer

Oi!crust! From Australia, featuring people from Kromosom. I have no idea whether this is the best or worst shit ever, sometimes I think both at the same time. It's like a bunch of people into His Hero is Gone discovered Red Alert and went "Wow, that sounds much easier to play! That's something everyone can enjoy!" You know, pretty much what happened with the guy from Tragedy and Criminal Damage, except here the crust origins are a bit clearer, clambering through the pubpunk.  They have a song called Bloody Hammer, and one called Smash Em All because maybe Cock Sparrer's Take 'Em All was too open to interpretation. They have a song called Streetfigther. Which I assumed was a typo but that's how it's spelled on the back cover and on the LP itself. Hard Skin by way of Antischism, Oi! The Aussies. Just big meaty unapologetic brawl music, because calling it fight music feels too ordered, there's no way this stuff soundtracks a rumble with less than eight people. Brick and mortar rock and roll, bellowalong terraceraw Blitz punk, for when you want to drunkenly kick a piece of furniture to pieces.

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