Friday, 1 March 2013

GG King - Esoteric Lore

From the dopily horrible name (This is GG King on the mic/Audiences get covered in shite) and the void-opening groan of its chaotic opener which cuts out into a brief n old-school hip-hop bassline, it's clear that GG King are going to go to a slightly off place on their 2011 debut album and while there are clear echoes of the Carbonas, from which this band sprang, it quickly moves beyond that garage monomania, smears itself in grime and blood and  and gets a little weeeird. Hardcore thrashers, broken glass, lost Cows numbers bolted to Bad Times offcuts, snatches of rattles and radio-drops and wailing background noise, skewed nasty guitars grating and stabbing like toothpain in the noise of Walking Texas Chainsaw Massacre, vocals that can stick with a droney-shout on Walls Closin' In, squeal and rip in Hanatarash derangement on Metaphysical Problems. From the '77 bark of Bored of Breathin' to the catchy basslines of Planet of Sociopaths that bubble under as the garage-stomp crackles out into thunderscapes and guitar panic,  this is punk rock filled with unease and menace, punk stretching out of its skin, being made in dark places, filled with strange knowledge, reverberating in the psycho age it documents and tears at and with, finally collapsing into the closer on Doom & Gloom Pt. 1, which swills several workable punk intros about but this time they never escape their surroundings, never burst out past the rainslick oppression into those irresistible riffs, leaving the album finished but still feeling damaged and failing, broken, beautifully incomplete in the way that few punk albums can bear to be.

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