Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Isterismo - Follia Verso L'inferno

Hailing from Japan, singing in Italian (the title is translates as something like Folly Inwards or Interior Madness), Isterismo play that crasher crust that the cool kids love! It doesn't quite have the relentlessness of D-Clone though it approaches that level of uncompromising viciousness on tracks like Distruttivo Rabbia. It feels like there's slightly more texture to the noise though, the crackle of tape-degradation run up into brain, the rocketnoise pulled apart and stretched a little, the chatter of engine turnover swilled around withunderwater iceberg reverbations. The mid-tempo opener Nuova Mundo rolls about in that bombination, the bass swelling ominously underneath, Giustizia Assurdita builds in the clatter and throws ripping guitar solos out through the noise to emerge battered and scratched but still squealing as it wails about war-profiteering, Trascendere Istinto (Instinct to Transcend) screams in agony through the vocals and the music, begging for positive progress against a nihilistic inevitability, Perdita opens with a dramatic burp and then just tears. An album of dirtily constructed chaos prowess screaming about despair and rage and cosmic loss in a cacophony fit for those aching endless pains and the insane world which they live and fester in.

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