Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pissheads - Kill Hippie System

Pissheads. Nasty noisy shit. Roar messes of relentless Shitlickers grit. Clattering rawpunk with thick ugly growls and strangled-short nip-and-tear solos. A reworking of their demo into an tighter, more ferocious beast. Kill Hippie System. ""BEATEN DOWN BY THE FUCKING CUNTS!" on Life. "GUTLESS BASTARDS KILLING THOUSANDS!" on Cowardly Games. This is ugly existence, lived under the pressure of, cudgels and jackboots wait to stomp and destroy, everything affected by the psychology of threat, "GRAVEYARDS BLANKET THE LAND" on Shadows of Power, we're all consumed, this disgusting fascism is not some stray aberration, but an enveloping night. Pissheads wait to explode it all. "LIFE IS A JACKBOOT TO THE THROAT" but Pissheads have boots of their own to kick and rearrange, to strut in through these apocalyptic curfews. 8 minutes, 8 tracks, the walls crashing down around you. Radioactive chainsaws for fucked-off times.

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