Monday, 4 March 2013

Sad Boys - s/t 7"

Following up their fantastic demo from last year, Sad Boys first vinyl release is more of that poppy Number Two-clip pogo-punk. Bouncealong music that mixes its get-up-and-flail joy bits with despair. It's got weirdo freakouts about minor things that just kinda bother you on Tiny Hands and a motherfucker of a portmanteau in song called Hagluecinations (stick it on a mix with Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue and Adhesive Lung) that goes "Aaaaaaah! HAGLUECINATIONS!" and is filled with the swirl of radio fuzz. Frolic! and EIAPOS (which I'm guessing stands for Everyone is a Piece of Shit though it's not explicated in the lyrics) are lyrically dark as fuck, Frolic! being a blank, nihilistic, not amoral but unmoralistic facedown of some awful kinda GG Allin kinda shit, kinda Jim Carroll Band kinda lurch and dig, and EIAPOS being a self-loathing attack of physical angst, bodily discomfort and mental push-and-struggle pull-and-combust slicing like the suicide bellow of an Off With Their Heads , but these songs are dissonantly matched with music that isn't an angry nasty pick at itself like something like Crazy Spirit, but something closer to a goofy Oi!Driver PUNXANDSKINSBEERANDOI! shout with added squeal and sharpness. Sad Boys take all that dank city darkness and channel it, not through storming crust monstrosities or odd Electric Storm in Hell noise, but through screechy pop-punx that draws from the region rock tumbledown energy of stuff like Twat Sauce or the Spawn Sacs/Driller Killer split, the infectiousness of Screeching Weasel's Supermarket Fantasy, and a little bit of Astrid Oto thrash, creating into something silly as shit and punk as fuck, frivolous and unsettling, lighthearted and tongue-out obnoxious in its execution and voidblack in the place in bounces from, a superevil punxflyer festering knifepierced meatheart scrawled in Stabilo, a dayglo abomination, coming with a 4-panel step-by-step HOW TO POGO insert that should be essential reading for all aspiring reckless idiots.

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