Monday, 17 December 2012

Exithippies - Parts 1 & 2

Ear-killing inane madness, electronic crunch and stuffy blustering vocal degradation, atonal cataclysms, buzzy undercurrent guitar and latent drums truckfucked with slaughterhousenoise into discordant oddball oblivion. Nasty nasty stuff, chattering and combusting on the outer reaches of listenability, avant-dirt, artshit punk gurn, simple as a suckerpunch and cyberpunk ugly. There's a Flux of Pink Indians cover ground to silly pieces, all is subsumed in this end-time conflagration of anything that will blast and pummel, news broadcasts, Swankysfizz, obnoxious EDM-backbeats, sirensqueal, barricadepunk for a revolution against sense.

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