Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gas Rag - Human Rights EP

Some Cülo/Acid Reflux freaks running speedpunk hustles. Sharp and jerky, guitars snapping back and forth with menace, but this shit, like Cülo  is not uncatchy. Though it's strapping a garrotte guitar tone to a beat too fast to headnod to, when it hits lines like "THIS WORLD IS SUCH A DRAG/SO PUT SOME SHOE GOO IN A BAG!" on Pass Out or "THE WEIGHT OF LIFE KEEPS BEARING DOWN ON ME/2012 DISAPPOINTS WE'RE LEFT WAITING FOR THE END!" on The End, you're singin. Like Pusrad, but not as utterly monomaniacal in its brevity (6 songs in 6 minutes, not 31 in 10), and a little dirtier too. Its thin hardcore-punk is packed with little moments, like the brief basscut on Abort Them, the slow start to Final Peace accelerating almost immediately, the mid-tempo kick in The End and a little bass wobble like a starter motor burbling into action, that you can't get away from, and make you blast them one more time.

Nihilism born of rage, political impotence and despair screamed on Hebron ("THE LAND ALWAYS GOES TO THIEVES") twisting and flowering into caustic extinction desire, be it of the hated power bases (Abort Them), the the world itself (Final Peace offers hippies a true chance at peace in a wholly dead world, The End is self-explanatory) or just of brain (Pass Out). The most positive song on this thing is about running away from home to be a bankrobber, like The Dwarve's dumb-death-pop Runaway #2, done up all in frenetic ribbons and with the criminal's life painted as a weird endless soulsearching with stolen guns and sharpied anarchy symbols.) Out on Beach Impediments Records, this a tight fist of punk punch.

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