Thursday, 22 August 2013

Neo Cons - Idiot Circus

Out on Deranged Records, this is PUNK ROCK MUSIC. Taking their name from some horrible shit, as punk bands are wont to do (see also: Reagan Youth, CIA, White Cop, etc.), Neo Cons have split up now and this is their last work. The first track, a punk theme song. I love punk theme songs, those weird anthemic exegeses of dumb band names, simultaneously self-mythologising and undercutting, like Marginal Man or Fearless Iranians From Hell screaming "WE'RE THE FEARLESS IRANIANS! FROM HELL! WE KICK ASS WHEREVER WE GO! WE SMELL!", the Battledykes rolling in rock and roll momentum,  or The BBQ Chickens repurposing the Monkees them. Neo Krunch manages to do something different to all those songs, framed as it is as a crashing cereal jingle, snap of mic cords, record crackle and the pop of dislocating bones. So it's a punkthemeanthem but also kinda an attack on the evils of the cereal industry "START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT! WITH CHEAP CARBOHYDRATES!" and "HEY KIDS! GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!/CRISPY, CRUNCY CORN SYRUPY GOO!". Not many punk bands have the insight to recognise the Honey Monster for the true menace he is. Fuck keeping hunger locked up til lunch, burn the prisons! The singer has one of those great punk voices that exists consists outside it's own comfort zone, yelping and chewing itself apart and on Neo Krunch it's back up by some great female vocal shots furthering that whole childish boppy atmosphere.

Brain Drain has a silly freakout before its tiny solo, calling to mind not some deranged pain, but a goofy wobbling face making noises for babies. Nimby's central N! I! M! B! Y! shout is delivered in such a way  that it's barely recognisable as those letters, hitting back from a freak perspective at the clean neighborhood sanitisers. No Allegiances is an anti-scene rant with a streetpunk chorus. Goin Commando is simultaneously a first-person rant from the perspective of a fargone militianut, which obviously demands a title that makes you picture bollocks hanging free in the breeze. That's this band, that balance of silliness and politics thrown together with sarcasm to spare into punk songs that might verge on hardcore sometimes but always with a little New Bomb Turks tear thrown in there in its chops and cuts. Good shit.

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