Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Wankys - Knock One Out

If there was ever a band I did not expect musical development from, it's The Wankys, who have been monomaniacally revelling in that uncouth flatnoise Swankys-worship rut since their inception, nevertheless, Knock One Out does seem to be a clear step, if not forward, then out of that particular dirthole. Every song still consists of simple bumbling basslines, fast monotonous drumbeats, borderline incomprehensible grating vocals and titanic waves of fizzing feedback that threaten to bury the rest of the song beneath a hellish gurgle, but all of those things have moved a little way away from the obdurate worldfuck squeal, the basslines are more melodic, the drums occasionally do THINGS, the guitar is sometimes used like what the way a normal person would use a guitar is and the fuzz, while still being a huge shrill toad squatting over the whole endeavour, isn't quite as oppressively rotten in its presence. Also, there is more diversity in the song topics, their previous album consisting of two songs about beer, four songs about punk rock, three songs about the destruction of the planet, three songs about feeling insane, one song about feeling betrayed and one song about someone you know getting a new dog, whereas on Knock One Out they sing (well, I say 'sing'...) about topics as diverse as fucking, the tribulations of modern poverty and the anguish of pain, and if there was ever a band whose vocals could convey the truth behind a song title like Shitty Pain, it's this one.

The whole thing has moved slightly from the uncompromising shitdin towards the kicking-off-the-walls silliness of pogo-punk. Well that's the development out the way, let's see what it still is: it's still obnoxious, it's still noisy, its still an album named after masturbation by a band named after masturbation, it's still the fucking Wankys, eardrum destroyers and ornery crudfuck noise brokers, packed with butt-burns-to-death abrasion, desperation and weird jabber-flange guitar, just with a bit more drunx fux streetpunx bounce wrapped up in that unpleasant grating static chatter.

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