Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Meth Sores - 2013 demo

Two tracks, Destroy Life and Clever, released at the start of this year. Clever is a good song. Unsteady thick bass stumblings leading into noisepunk caterwaul, blender spin sonics, smatterings of recognisable guitar parts, the hellspawn vocals snapping sharp but battling with the shot-to-shit guitar whip, ugly punx shit. Destroy Life is a fucking great song. That same thick bass tone that underpins the chaos whip of Clever, but here steady, rolling forward like an earth mover seen through heavy rain, distorted so that each bass shudder feels like the horizon bounce an advancing army. It builds, it approaches, it noises up, then it drops back down into these little repetitive guitar slivers. It faces up and leers at you, backs off to gather itself, this shit is a masterwork of noise dynamics, every listen an ugly journey, a perfectly constructed path through broken glass, sometimes the guitar feeling like it's being tugged down by the lethal factory buzz, hiding, sleeping ready to crash out in wild destruction, sometimes feeling like a self-mutilating rotating structure of noise, sometimes just feeling punk as fuck. Sludgey then raging, onwards rolling. Good fucking shit.


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