Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pissbath - Can't Stop Noize!!

After a couple of great demos, Pissbath come forth with Can't Stop Noize!!, which is fucking noise punk, man.

Piece of Shit!! (there are a lot of exclamation points in this thing, Elmore Leonard is probably spinning like a buzzsaw in his freshly dug grave) has this great pulsing bassline that the noise tumbles over, coming in waves, built of feedback squeals, banks of fuzz and echoing droning threats like ghosts hiding in the noise, swelling and receding. The drums cutting out, that bassline running onwards, like the engine throb of a pick-up rolling down a haunted highway. Hash Addicts!! is more furious, the flurries harsher, but still it's got that throughline.

It's not those entirely solid blasts, neither is it the goofy bouncy noise-punk of The Wankys or Vaginors though it does share thoses bands trick of tying this pandemonium to a central point, it's less monomaniacal than a song like Punk Rock Life, the madness wanders more, comes in and out. It's chaos dynamics, rise and fall, screaming female vocals, obviously incomprehensible, as another disorientating sound, sometimes shrieking as on No Name Sorry!!, sometimes trading stabs with the screech of the feedback, No Name Sorry!!'s shrill guitars tearing up and down, then echoing themselves in less manic pose, the various sonic weapons are hit and refracted off each other, but they don't clash in pure fury.

Noize You Can Trust!! has a fantastic sharp guitar line that explodes into another noise attack. It's all about the flux of this chaos, the rhythm beset by evil uproar, the clamor tugging at the core of the song, trying to shred and degrade it but usually failing, just failing, Nuclear End!! sticks on this Timmy the Turtle kinda bassline which gets covered up in more and more cacophonous structure, layering the din, before turning into the harshest blast of the whole EP to play it out in explosive terror.

Can't Stop Noize!! is a great fucking title, because often noise feels like a heavy immobile object, Some stuff is just so packed with feedback and torture screams that it loses all sense of movement, D-Clone for example, are fantastic, yet that shit is so intense it looms over you like a wall, it hits you like a half-bricked sock. Here there are plenty of flensing squeals and discordant rumbles, and that utterly uncompromising crash is tilted at someplaces, at the end of Nuclear End!!, in parts of Hash Addicts!!, on Incest!! (Death!!), but then on Incest Death!! it moves out of unreal roar, the choking babble, to cut loose with a quick horrorpunk solo before diving back in. Pissbath have, and never really lose, that propulsive energy, noise that carries you, rather than destroys and cripples you. Moving forward through the chaos. Can't stop, noize.

On Primitive Prison. PWYW download.

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