Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Perfume River - No Wind flexi

Wrestling the title of most ill-fitting bandname away from previous champions God Equals Genocide, who play pop-punk not epic crustcore like what you would think, Perfume River play unrelenting d-beat, not acoustic pop songs about feeling and other things that suck. Unrelenting apart from the fact that every song lasts 45 seconds or less. Released on CS in 2012, I think, getting the vinyl treatment from Symphony Of Destruction this year on a gorgeous clear flexi with silver detailing. Harsh world screams. "REPULSION!" roars Ammoniated & Lifeless. "THOSE WHO LIVE/LIVE OFF THE DEAD" A Continuation bellows through the brutish noise, repetitions, repetitions.  A repellent two minutes of human hate that turns over like a bomber engine. The wardeath noisefuck with the energy of airraid panic.

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