Thursday, 5 December 2013

NUKE CULT - Join or Don't

Itchin like a spiderbite, oozin like a cracked scab, a scritching scratchin ten minutes of bloody twerp punk from Kansas mutants. The guitar burbling like molten metal, the vocals all classic bitten-off sneer and insect snickering. Stress Relief draws out a little prickly riff, that digs in and grinds it out, Circle A goes from lo-fi bassbounce to chaotic panicspit of "CIRCLE A I WON'T OBEY!", Cop Caller rages before degenerating into an accusatory "WHO THE FUCK CALLED THE COPS!". Snob similarly self-destructs into a kind of playful drumpop, noise shiver and slovenly drawl. Join or Don't, blasé blasts, drawing you in or just letting you slip out the backdoor away from these disintegratory idiots. It's your loss. Sign me up. My draft for this review was just me smearing the logo in blood in my notebook.

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