Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chaos Destroy - Lightning Strikes Twice

Chaos Destroy have always been a band that sounds like a band called Chaos Destroy.

On Lightning Strikes Twice, released by Olde English Spelling Bee Records, gone are the chaos-pogo mad-libs of titles like Damaging Anarchy Chaos Disorder, Damaging Damnation, Damaging Indignation, Damaging Nuclear Nonsense, Fucking Merciless Nuclear Chaotic Violent Noise etc. Songs now appear to be about something at first glance, even if that something is as jejune as It's Always Dinnertime (Somewhere) or NO PUNKS, NO MOUSTACHES. It even takes aim at Chaos Destroy's own Swankys-leanings with the song Dumbaging Noise. Song titles though are as close as you're gonna get to unravelling the intent of these songs beyond chomping noise.

They are catchy as fuck. Utterly incomprehensible, but more like People's Ausentic Oral Communication record than the scutterblasts of Collection Not Collection, rock and roll ruckus done-up all sparkling and party ready with the blinding sheen of shitkill distortion, chaotic and destructive, destructive and chaotic.

Mouth utitilised as chewing percussion, the noise employed as texture, heavy texture yeah, rough and grazeraw, but not like the huge tsunami of feedback that drowned all on earlier outings, these are songs that are maybe just deep deep down in their murderous misshapen heart carefree indie-pop songs, but made by the meanest weirdest kids you know, spitting and prattling on with nah-nah-nuh-nah-nah taunts, childish imitations of speech drawl and babble. Pissy smirking snot. Pop songs from the hate place, pop songs twisted into jabbering freakouts dripping with the radioactive pus of noisepunk, or coming the other way, the structureless sewage of noise songs crafted into sloppy crackling form with punchy pop sensibilities. Beautiful Sound (Ugly Noise) sums up this conflict in its title and proceeds to rock back and forth with its addlepated and anxious swoosh and shiver punk rock.

Noise (Here We Come) breaks with this danceable bassline and guitar scratch descending into pinhead noise, but never losing that shuffle and shake, even as the feedback squawks pierce and skitter like morse code. (Slender) and (Long) handclaps its way into atomic destruction. (The Shame) Till the Last Generation runs mid-tempo, complete with worn-out ooh-oohs surviving barely amongst its onwards march. (Greased) Lightning wavers between fast flat toxicpunk and a sad trudging amongst noise sweeps. Dumbaging Noise is a dissonant threatening pianocrash, a jarring amongst jarrings.  A Long Life of Shame (Noise Life) a real hell-dimension boogie, a dancefloor filler for cut-price b-movie monsters. This is the most fun you can have holding your hands over your ears and wishing for the idiocy and pain to cease with alleviating silence of death.

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