Thursday, 9 January 2014

Nuclear Spring - s/t 7"

Taut scuffed-up punk rock, male/female vocals trading off verses of violence and confrontation, biting and sneering amongst half-buried leads, and jaunting. Run Me Up the Flagpole strikes a rebel pose, daring attack, with a guitar part that sort of dances away and reminds me, of all things, of Boney M's Rasputin. Far Away moves in a bit slowly, but then rattles into life with snotty scraped-throat despair, but it's wish for self-oblivion is less total, and more like a tossed-off fucked-off moment of failure. Berlin Night Life flips rapidly through a procession of history, bloodshed and panic, "Riots in the air/Night of long knives/Smash up all the houses/Steal my neighbour clothes", society breaking down, repeating through the years, wrong lashed upon wrong and moving on with it. Lost Decade hits flatter at first, a circular little riff, the vocals matter-of-fact "They'll pull your number sometime/When you least expect them to". There's a DK surf bit, rolling with tension, snapping back into chorus and these choruses aren't communal singalongs, they not cathartic, they're deliberate and ruthless, uncompromising truths of the inner pain of Far Away and the rampages of Berlin Night Life drawn together. Punk rock, poking with the catchiness and swerve of poppier forms, skatepunk, gruffer pop-punk, and the grit of darker moments.

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