Thursday, 16 January 2014

Prag demo

Razorback hardcore squealing and gibbering its way out of Australia, concerned with flesh and the precarious civility of modern society. In the six songs, there's a sense of a darker world threatening to consume, or already nibbling and scratching at, the places we live in. "Smiles and niceties/Until unstable exonomies/And religious extremophiles/Drag you down onto your knees" Moss Piglet rages, thrashing with the futility of small gestures of compassion lost in the face of war and more, "Winter we hungry" is the bare truth that humanity is reduced to. Soaring Ecco Homo wobbles off into space with it's mocking blast of "Master race?/Hahahahaha". Prag's is a world characterised by animal physicality and aggression, animal vengeance and animal vigilance: "The dogs will bare their teeth" in the brief thrash of Pillage Victim, "Subhuman/Not human/A pig to be fucked" in the repetitive run of Prag, "Bleaching probing mandibles" in the push/pull punk rumbler of Concentrated Visuals, where the clean bass dances, jabbing like a boxer, under the smudged guitar, holding it down amongst the drum flurries, until the guitar slides into a dragged out solo, which pinches and slithers along before degrading giving way to a breezy whistle solo, a carefree shuffle in the face of ugly problems rising towards us, or the haunting sound of the blithe evil of oppression?

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