Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pusrad - Modern Anatomi

More impossibly brief slices of panicattack hardcore from Swedish speedpunx Pusrad. Frenetic and jerky but scalpel clean, most songs raving themselves out in under 30 seconds. The 7" comes with songs listing Title, Lyrics, Time and then Chords per Second, to properly convey its deliberate dedication to punishing velocity. Paragraf 3 slows it down a bit, to 40 seconds of more mid-tempo punk that rings out sharply and closer Masskineri is a full 68 seconds long which, considering their 5 track Akta Dig 7" was 74 seconds in its entirety, is practically their version of Reoccuring Dreams, getting right mellow and even wistful. It's a nice gentle topper to the bullets that precede it, proving that this band is capable of existing at something other than the smooth lightspeed intensity that they've forged as their particular place in hardcore but still, this band is at their pure and best when they're tearing heads off with quickness and scything 3.91 CPS riffs.

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