Thursday, 23 January 2014

Sad Boys - Cry Now, Cry Later

Not to be confused with the stoned slurring of Swedish teen rap crew Sad Boys, the second of the New York Sad Boys's seven inches of 2013, Cry Now, Cry Later, continues their stamp and snap assault of inane pogo depresso-punx, but swaddles the songs in a blanket of light airy fuzznoise which the self-titled 7" did not possess. Still featuring the Lookout licks of simple infectious guitar snags, the bass bounce and the reckless runaway rhythm, all backing up the piercing vocals, a sort of grinning foxcall shriek, it matches to the most tearaway freeing musical sillyjoy to lyrics straight out of parody goth poetry, "I'm crying in my dreams/I'm always crying in the night/Suffocating/Loneliness my tears hold" wails the title track.

This juxtaposition of the maudlin and the madness isn't like the grit-pop singalong struggle of something like Arms Aloft or Off With Their Heads, where it's all choral catharsis, the happiness and pogosmiles are too transparent in the music, and the vocals don't lend themselves to a singalong, instead it's this blurry mess of goofily weaponised weepings, personal failings and lachrymal outbursts summed up in tight trite McGonagallian rhyme schemes ("Alone always in my head/Searching for the truth/Layers to be shed/In the end only end up dead") and smash/slip punk noise. It's about disjointed collisions, in the pit and in your life, emotions ramped up to ridiculous heights, or stripped down to uncomfortable naked honesty, in order to be blown up and discarded, kissed off, things crashing together and captured in moments of distilled hysteria, dancing like you're rubber and the world is glue, what sticks to its solvent-addled despair bounces off you. As you tumble about everything bounces off you. Laugh through the tears, tear through the laughter. Live this sadness, craft it as a blade, stab at cool smooth put-together lookin' kids with it. Shit-Faced with therapy bills, The Crested distressed and blue. Stay sharp, stay bummed, stay pogoing.

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