Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wastoids - EP

Thumping hardcore punk. Three quick hardcore mutations crammed between two big clumping hardcore trudges. Red Meat stomps in, all burly and graveltoned, the guitars surface, scraping and fading, like night sounds, before an animal grunt intercedes and throws the song down into a fierce knockdown dragout thump, gorging itself on violence, a song as graphic and as any vegan sXe hardcore screed, but without the bargainbasement moralising, just living in the gore and living with it. RED! MEAT! I'm a Prick, My Toronto and MCAB are the shittalk seethers, nasty and brief, shouts and thuds in the rumbles, shivering guitar flickers on MCAB cracking out of the mess. I'm a Prick opens "I'm a prick just like you", Minor Threat connotations, but screaming for the recognition of its own shittiness rather than personhood, tearing itself down. MCAB reiterates its self-loathing, cutting between sarcasm and flailing anger: "I hate this shit and I hate you/I hate myself and I hate punk too/I hate this city, I hate my dick/I hate this scene, it makes me sick". It can't commit to its own satire before it breaks apart with bare disgust and then it can't even keep that up before it curls back in on itself. It's the quickly descending stages of alienation. Brown Sugar/Brown Liquor's another slower one, angry bloody lead vocals trading off with brickhead Oi!-rocked roars. The music dropping down to a drumbeat, leaving that scream, shorn of the deeper uglier stomp it seems less angry, more anguished, breaking up not breaking out, drug numb not drug warm. While the whole thing hits with the simplistic violence of skinhead pulp, Dragon Skins and Knuckle Girls, it's darker, less communal than those shoutalong sections imply, it's the fragmentation of those little cliques and scenes and it stabs and cuts with the shards left over. Hardcore punk rock, hardnosed and brawling, infused with shifting levels and dynamics of violence, with the consequences as well as high, the bruises as well as the punches thrown.

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