Tuesday, 1 April 2014

La Misma - s/t 7"

After last year's demo and a track on the Toxic State Ground Zero Hardcore comp, La Misma, part of the always killin/never chillin bunch of noisenik scumpunx currently bursting out of New York with the finest in weird bent and buckled punk chuckles, release their first seven inch. Portuguese language, all female. The songs come on in bursts and trips, the vocals a heady torrent that move forward in outraged yelps and panicked rushes, the guitars, somewhat defuzzed from the demo, still writhe with livewire menace, chopping like blades, squeaking like shoes. The songs snap onwards, shredding the personal and the epic, shaking with images of dark parts of the world, biblical tortures, sacrifices, bloody parts and leaking stumps, sanguinary histories drawn on skin, war to war and onwards. Arete: "He skins them of dreams to live freely. In meadows so green. Content they are to suffer. In form you suffer." Secespita: "Worlds away but your body is at the point of the secespita. The secespita screams." Guerras Silenciosas: "Barriers we erect within ourselves prohibit us from refuge." "Intent is much deeper than any wound and will is our only weapon." Identifika O Xintimento: "Identify. In the silence that is time we see old ways disintegrate to give way for vitality." The songs move from the sinister pastures and corrupted idyll of Arete through emptiness to the stamping Secespita, shrouded in visceral violence and rituals, Guerras Silenciosas pulls that knife out and draws a plan for strength and change in the blood, Identifika O Xintimento enacts this, rises up and out with a self-possessed shiver and skip, returning to blood, but this time pumping to hearts reaching to love, not spilling in the futility of tradition. Worlds in each song, anger and screaming hope, ways and movements, shifts, old pains, new salves.

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