Monday, 21 April 2014

Lumpy & the Dumpers - Gnats in the Pissa

Two more squirts of sticky body-horror blues from Lumpy and the Dumpers, two more squalid fantasies enacted in punk itchings. While the Sex Pit seven-inch detailed the inner humours this new seven inch on Total Punk deals with invaders, namely GNATS IN THE PISSA! A grubby punk pump about insects flying into your dick, GNATS IN THE PISSA!, briefly drawing some sort of conformity parallel of being colonised by these beings, succumbing to the muck, but the physical revulsion is the real point here, Candiru-attitude cracking out a low-down knucklehead creepy-crawl of a sax shuffle. The second song, Ghoul Breath, is accompanied (invaded) by this acrid burbling, clearing rooms with halloween halitosis, a mouth, a body full of mephitic spirits. "WHEN I BREATHE OUT COME THE PESTS/CENTIPEDES HERE TO INFEST!", the unconscious procedures of eupnea corrupted with the demonic stench. As the cauldron bubbles, the guitars squeak, Lumpy sneers with snotty Pig-Pen pestilence, and the Dumpers play with the cackles and glee of childhood foulness, worms and little living beings, slugs and snails and smegma and corruption. All this to make you shiver and sicken, all this to make you ripen and rip and slide with them, filled with bugs and evil odours, dancing to retching rasping punk too dirty to die.

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