Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tom and Boot Boys - Stupid And Naked Punks Are Running In My House

Responsible for some of the greatest dumbest fulltilt pogo punk ever with classics such as Punk Parade and 30s Punx Go For It!, Tom and Boot Boys return with their first blast of fresh pogo beauts for a couple of years with a seven inch that practically screams "The fucking pogo cunts are back!". It also literally screams that at the start of the record. Subtlety is for boring people. You gotta kick everything to pieces with roaring runs of pogonoise, popping bouncing silly convergences of singalong glory, Chaotic Dischord covers, Oi!s and sweary bedlam.

Song titles as almost the entirety of the lyrics. Lay it out straight, smash it in with amphetamine glee. I Don't Wanna Spend My Fuckin' Money For Your Fuckin' Cunt with emotionally stunted cheapskate desire "I don't wanna pay for your fuckin' cunt. Now I don't have money so fuck me for free." and in the second verse "I don't wanna pay for your fuckin' cock. Now I don't have money so fuck me for free." Equality in inanity. Oi! goes Oi! Stupid and Naked Punks Running In My House blasts a riotous punkhouse ode, I Hate Suit Men giggles uncontrollably with normloathing joy. A reaffirmation of all that's silly and great about punk rock, all that's certain and undeniable as you runaround in noisy madcap vandalism, hating on cityboys, shouting along with other eejits, breaking things, breaking bones, just holding it together with the sheer propulsive energy of a screaming firework. At home in this madness, with the sillyshit morons and the bouncing ceilingsmacking dance energy. Looking like utter messes but knowing that in this puerile pandemonium that I AM OK, YOU ARE FUCKER.

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