Sunday, 20 April 2014

Vixens - S/T MLP

Heavy punk, messing with d-beat signifiers, 80s hardcore reapings, coming together in a violent crunching. V. I. X. E. N. S. Slurred and screaming, fill each letter with careless brutality and ugly insolence. A hard fuck-off manifesto. "THIS SCENE IS DEAD AND SO AM I/FUCK THE WORLD AND GET US HIGH" Entirely untethered on the sandpaper storm of Personal Habits or Absolute Complacency, House Taken Over stumbles in a sludgey muck "LITTLE BY LITTLE/WE STOPPED THINKING." Hatefuck crunches before exploding with desperate abnegation, drowning in sarcasm. "BE A MAN/TAKE CONTROL/I DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE." Each time a recognisable riff is happened upon the song destroys itself before it can be destroyed. No apologies, ripping through bullshit, taking a certain sonic savagery used generally to explore the same rote terrors: nuclear war, government evil, police brutality. All important injustices to rage and clash against, but too often seemingly smashed at out of a sense of slavish Cal-cified generic duty. Here Vixens grasp and use this assault it as a voice for the smaller moment, imbuing personal crises with missile crisis significance, taking that violence down to its individual (invasive & intimate) expressions, not the looming of oblivion, but the spurts and cracks of pain and responses to pain that are lived through every day, militarising, weaponising emotion and casual actions with wartorn swagger, sweeping with corrosive dirt across the windscoured nuke-blasted wastelands of your social scene. The sickness and the cruelty grits right down into the mechanics of thought and interaction, so that's where the aural rampage will begin. Silly Punk, serious noise. "YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING LOSER."

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