Saturday, 7 June 2014

Decraneo - s/t LP

Chopping punk from Mallorca. Catchy and cutting, brash and brief, it rocks and it rolls, short and smiling nasty, the swipe and slash of the vocals clear, pointed as the guitar licks. 13 fast punk numbers in Dangerhouse pose, bitten and kissed off parts of The Bags or The Dils, Mi Cuerpo tumbles up and down urgently, Turbulencias rumbles with surf sinisters, Sistema Del Olvido drives hard, Vida Ideal gets down into a kinda Dead Kennedys Police Truck shimmy, but each song is snapped off abruptly, like drumsticks brought across knees shattering into splinters and shivs. A dancefloor sharp punk album of decurt viciousness, potent, all edges and spiked charm.

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