Sunday, 20 July 2014

Scumheads - Demo 2014

Discombobulated nitwit noisepunk from Ireland in the Wankys/Swankys/Vaginors/Dislike vein, squawking over fuzz, manic and careening onwards like trollies with jacked-up wheels being flung down hills, mirroring the insouciant chaos and prickling agitation of childish or adolescent needs and impulses. I'm a Dog and Shitty Kitty indulging in animal inanity, like the screeched and tortured remnant's of children's ditties. Smell and Problem sweatsticky squeals of hormone and odours, crashing apart. Stick Fight's a burst of roughly orchestrated violence, Scumheads are the moment when it stops being fun and games and someone loses an eye.  The hopped up glee of Sex Music's feverish pogo "I LIKE GIRLS AND I LIKE BOYS/I LIKE SEX AND I LIKE TOYS/BUT MOST OF ALL I LIKE NOIZE!". The blackly comic stump-punk of Perfect for War: "I GOT NO HEAD/I GOT NO ARMS/MADE OF CHICKEN LEGS/AND BITS OF STRAW/I'M THE PERFECT MAN/PERFECT FOR WAR!" Scumheads writhe around showing off a venereal love for dischord and noise, exhibiting a smile that you know isn't a happy one at a world animalised and bloody, stomping in puddles of shit and phlegm, kicking rocks, breaking the few things that aren't already broken, caught up following the simplistic and inchoate logic of a mind that could be still-forming, or half-dead and acid-decayed.

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