Friday, 22 August 2014

Asesinato Del Poder - demo

Dry punk fury from Spain. Asesinato Del Poder snap with eight tracks of elemental hardcore. Dedicated to breaking down the powerstructures with an onslaught of basic aching punk, power drawn from relentless repetition, you never know which hammer blow will break the rock, you never know which dirty nuts/bolts riff will cause the rent in the fabric of society, cause the explosion in a head from which epiphanies and revolts will spring, from the prison chug of Celdas, the violent squeal of Tortura y Crimenes de Guerra, the razing gallop of Sabotaje, the drained dirt stumble of Atrapado. Straightforward, uncompromising. "Destroy your city streets/NO OTHER SOLUTION IN THIS PLACE/set fire to the town hall/NO OTHER SOLUTION IN THIS PLACE". Keep it simplistic, get inept, do punk, kill the power.

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