Saturday, 16 August 2014

Piss - demo

Housed in a small facsimile of a bible, Berlin's Piss bring a nasty hardcore punk, rippling with blown-out scumfuzz, Die Kreuzen energy and collisions. The scrape and sparks of metal on metal as furious riff grinds to a halt and then explode again in a redoubling of manic scratched-out punk effort on stop-start blasts like Spranga Allt and Civil Cops. Tight Jeans rumbles and stomps, flexes and squeals. There are breathless sub-30 terrors on D.I.Y. and How Simple Can Punk Get?, terrifying screams, male/female vocals, equally tortured and destroyed. Piss change things up, throwing a catchy guitar line into the middle of Puke on the Patriarchy's 50-second torrent, dropping into snappy chants and drum breaks on Civil Cops. But it never feels like a forced technicality, it's restless, but it's progression is smooth, when a riff or a guitar line sneaks out of the mess in order to drive the song forward for a couple of seconds before disintegrating, it always feels like a natural outcome of the noise.

These clatter dynamics stretched to breaking point on Snake Vomit, the final track, touching on eight minutes, its dragged out sludgey intro goes on longer than most of the other seven tracks, before sticking into a noisy bass and drums groove, held together with a sturdy rhythm, it gives space to a crash and alarm-squeak of guitar, the echo of screams, and then building in a sample of a real wild freakout lifted from Japanese avant-garde saxophonist Kaoru Abe, squealing and squawking, unhinged and free, its tremulous pain and caustic life, rolling with the bloody momentum and then outstretching it.

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